Shower speakers

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Shower speakers are an ingenious addition to your bathroom. These gadgets transform your showers from boring and monotonous routines into exciting and relaxing experiences that you will always look forward to. Most of us enjoy listening and singing along to music in the shower but you can also catch up on the latest news with these speakers. Shower speakers are affordable and they come in different models and designs. Some of the popular models include: flat mounted, wireless and external waterproof shower speakers.

External shower waterproofed speakers

These are simply a set of waterproof speakers that you can take to the shower with you. The speakers are usually attached to the bathroom wall using mounting brackets or suction cups. In some instances, the speakers are simply suspended over the shower faucet using a rope that can be adjusted to hold them in place. Most of these speakers are controlled by a portable MP3 player or an Ipod. Since the speakers are portable,shower speakers they do not require permanent installation. Their portability makes it possible to carry them to a business trip or holiday. They also happen to be relatively easy to clean.

Flat mounted showering speakers
Unlike external waterproof speakers for the shower, these are permanently installed with wires that go inside the wall. The speakers are mounted flat against your bathroom wall to give a chic and contemporary look to your shower. Some models of this type of speakers have a control unit which is mounted in the shower to give you total access to media selection, volume and equalization in the shower. Some speakers are also programmable such that you can pre-set your favorite playlists. Read more here.

Wireless speakers in the shower
This is a good speaker choice for people in search of a less permanent speaker to enjoy music in the shower. These speakers are usually portable and waterproof. The speakers can be hung from the shower faucet or placed anywhere you want in your shower. How they work is really simple. They pick up their signals from a music player that is placed outside the shower. Wireless speaker versions are good choice for people who live in rental spaces where they can not install speakers permanently.

Tips on installing speakers in your shower
Proper installation of shower speakers is very important because otherwise the speakers can be hazardous. Here are some helpful tips: When installing speakers in your shower try as much as you can to position them at head height or higher. However, you should make sure that they are not placed so high up above your shower head as too much steam will rise as you shower and cause damage to the speakers’ connection.Ensure that you have the right type of speaker to serve as a shower speaker. Do not use the speakers that you use for your bedroom or living room in the shower. Instead go for marine speakers as these have been made to endure water. Marine speakers come in many shapes and sizes and they are affordable. If you live in a rental space go for those speakers that do not require permanent installation.To achieve a neat look when installing permanent speakers, you will be required to drill through your shower walls for the cables. That is not only hard but also tricky. Unless you are sure of what you are doing, do not do the drilling on yourself. Otherwise you might end up cracking the tiles.The cabling that you use must be thick enough so as to carry the current in an effective manner. Thicker cables do not wear out fast.Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when attaching the wires to the speakers for your shower. If you think that the cabling will be hard for you, go for wireless speaker options.When putting brackets on your shower always ensure that they are straight. Screw the bracket safely into place so that the speakers do not slip off and fall when showering. To avoid damaging so many tiles while mounting the bracket, place some masking tape over the area you will drill or use a marker to make an X over the area. Ensure that the hole you drill will be wide enough to accommodate the brackets.
Shower speakers not only provide a great kick start to your day but also a relaxing end to a long day at work. Just buy the right speakers, have them nicely installed and enjoy a nice musical shower. Click here to read more.

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