Finding The Best Waterproof Speakers

Most of us like to use waterproof speakers to listen to our favorite songs by the pool, in the shower, in the garden or while relaxing in their bath tubs. But regular speakers and audio equipments will stop functioning even with the slightest water damage. If you are one of these people, you should consider installing  speakers that can resist water. Just as the name suggests these speakers are waterproof and thus they do not get easily damaged even when submerged in water. The speakers have seals that protect them from dirt, steam salt and moisture.These speakers are also an invaluable audio component for boaters who spend a lot of time in the sea.

Types of waterproofed speakers

Generally, these speakers are divided into four major categories namely: dual cone speakers, component speakers, sub-woofers and coaxial waterproof speakersspeakers. Dual cone speakers are those which only have a single driver or audio source but have 2 different cones in small and large sizes. The small cone is for high frequencies and the larger one is for mid-range and low frequencies. Dual cone speakers have a good sound output but, they do not have the capacity for a wide spectrum of sound frequencies. These speakers also happen to be very affordable.

Coaxial speakers are both 2 and 3-way speakers. These have more than one audio source and thus, can handle more frequencies. The reason why they are called coaxial speakers is because one speaker is wrapped around with another. In the middle of the speaker there is a tweeter that handles high frequencies. Surrounding the tweeter is a woofer which handles the mid range and low frequencies. The performance of speakers in this category is better than those in the dual cone category but, it can not beat that of component speakers.

Component speakers are the third category of waterproof speakers. These use more than one speaker each handling low and high frequencies separately. The two sound frequencies are divided through electronic methods such that each speaker produces its own quota of frequencies. As a result of this mechanism, the speakers produce better sound than coaxial and dual cone speakers.

The other type is the sub-woofer speakers. This type of speakers is usually used to set bass frequencies. The speakers are good at producing thunder like sounds effectively even though the same sounds can be produced by component and coaxial waterproof speakers.

Installing waterproof speakers
Some of the factors to consider when installing these speakers are the size of the area where they will be placed, the mounting mechanism, the external speaker material and also the grille material. Before installing new speakers, you must take the measurements of the area where the speakers will be placed. Usually big speakers have better sound projection than smaller ones. So if you decide to go for larger speakers ensure that that there is enough room for them. The space behind the speakers should also be deep enough to ensure that the heat that the speakers emit will be cooled down to prevent the cables from melting.

Since the speakers will be exposed to moisture there will be corrosion and hence how and where you mount the speakers greatly affects their durability and sound quality. To get the best sound projection especially outdoors, place the speakers next to a wall so that the walls can bounce the sound wave back for better sound quality. Also try as much as you can to position them away from direct liquid and sunlight access for durability. The effect of direct sunlight on plastics can be disadvantageous despite the fact that they are UV resistant. If you are installing the speakers outdoors, you can position them underneath the eaves. There, they will be protected from harsh weather elements and it will be easier to hide the cable installation.

Another thing that counts when installing these speakers in your home is cabling. It is better to use screened and resilient cables. For external installation use the cables that are specially designed to withstand harsh weather and possible damage. For underground installation always use reinforced cables to prevent accidental cutting. You should also position the speakers in such a way that there is minimal overflow of sound into your neighbors homes if any.

Choosing the right water resistant speakers for your audio needs
You can either buy in-ceiling speakers, free standing garden speakers or cabinet speakers.In-ceiling speakers are designed to be attached to your ceiling or wall hence their aesthetic impact is reduced, and they do not take up any space in the room. These types of speakers come in different sizes to suit any room even the smallest one. In-ceiling speakers are a good choice for a smart finish in your kitchen, bathroom or even the swimming pool room. However, it may be cumbersome to get the cables behind the walls if the building works are already completed for the best results. Since these speakers are open at the back, what is behind the speaker greatly determines the sound quality. If the ceiling cavity is big and the speaker does not produce enough bass you can build a small box to cover the back. Similarly if the sound it produces is harsh, you can add some soft insulation behind the speaker to make it better

Cabinet or box speakers can be used both indoors and outdoors, however, they lack the aesthetic appeal that the other types have. The speakers can either be attached to a post or wall or left freestanding. These speakers are easier to install than ceiling speakers and their sound is consistent waterproof speakersregardless of where they are installed because they have a casing.

Garden waterless speakers also come in different sizes and shapes. They can either be partially buried in a border or just left to sit on the ground. Garden speakers that are designed to be partially buried use the solidity of the ground to give sound. Some of these speakers look like rocks and thus they can blend with most garden situations. There are also other designs that blend well into greenery or stick out as artistic features. The initial installation of these speakers can be challenging because the cables have to be installed underground. But, once you have installed them you do not need to worry about moving them and they require the least maintenance.

If you need speakers for your pool, you can buy wireless floating speakers. They come in sets of three and have built-in lights. The speakers look very nice and even though their sound is not HI-Fi quality it is adequate.

8-Inch In-Ceiling Speakers: More Sound,More Space

Are you often listening to music and would like to boost your experience through better audio quality? Would you like high-fidelity speakers that would expand your listening experience throughout your home without adding the clutter of giant-box speakers in your living room? And would you prefer well-concealed speakers that would deliver outstanding entertainment experience without interfering with your décor plans?

If so, the 8-inch in-ceiling speakers are perfect for you?

As opposed to regular speakers that are usually attached to cabinets or stands, 8” in ceiling speakers are usually set in the ceiling from where they exploit the ceiling space to deliver higher treble and higher bass than regular speakers. An 8” in-ceiling speaker picks upWaterproof Wireless Speakers electrical signals from the receiver and converts them into high quality and more audible sound waves. The conversion is done by the impeccable drivers present in the speaker, which usually generate sound waves by vibrating against a metal or plastic cone that is attached to a vibrating coil. Typically, as the electric current flows through the coil, it changes the polar orientation of the coil and generates a magnetic field around the coil. It is the magnetic field that makes the coil to move and to push and pull the cone, resulting in high-quality audible sound waves.

Coming with a cutout to be placed on the ceiling in order to trace out the speaker’s outline, the 8” in ceiling speaker is easy to install and will never look like bulky bookshelves hanging down your living room. You only need to use a drywall saw to cut through the outline and create the right-sized hole for placing the speaker. After you place the speaker, you will tighten the screws to hold your speaker firmly into the ceiling. Then you can sit back and enjoy the good bass and rich highs that buzz through from the speaker. And if you plan to use them with your home theater, you will revel in the new house-shaking and awesome audio.

Features of 8” In-Ceiling Speakers

1. Broad Range of Frequency: The speakers have broad frequency ranges that help to provide deeper and more balanced sound. For instance, you can find a 35Hz-20 kHz, 50 Hz-20 kHz, 65 Hz-20 kHz and 80 Hz-20kHz 8-inch in-ceiling speakers.

2. Large Amplifier Power Handling Capacity: Many 8-inches in ceiling speakers have wattage of 50W-200W and hence they can be paired well with a broad range of receivers without overdrives or blow ups.

3. High Sensitivity: In- ceiling speakers are designed to take up less power and to produce top-quality sound without putting much strain on amplifiers.

4. Moisture Resistant: 8” in ceiling speakers are typically moisture-resistant and efficient even in humid conditions.

5. Lightweight, well-balanced and rigid cones, which help to create distortion-free audio reproduction.

6. Large magnets for clearer and greater bass effects.

7. Precision membrane dome tweeters ensure pure sonic clarity and sweeter highs, while pivoting tweeters help point acoustics to prime listening positions for more immersive and more accurate sonic experiences.

Pros and Cons of 8” In-Ceiling Speakers


1. Take up no floor space: Therefore, suitable for any room of any size.

2. No need for elaborate stands and cabinets to place the speakers: Hence, the speakers can work well in smaller homes and living spaces.

3. Deliver higher quality treble and bass effects than regular speakers: In-ceiling speakers use the vacuums present in ceilings to create higher quality audios than produced by regular speakers.

4. Reduced chances of accidents because wires are usually concealed: With in-ceiling speakers, parents no longer worry about their children tripping on wires or pulling wires by accident.

5. Reduced clutter in the living room: Concealed wires make the living room clutter-free.

6. They are better than in-wall speakers: The ceilings are often free of photos, paintings and other valuable decorative items so it is easy to find optimal in-ceiling locations from where the speakers can deliver the highest and finest sound quality.


1. Their installation require additional wiring through the wall

2. Used only in homes with ceilings

3. The size and weight of speaker is limited by what the ceiling can carry.

4. Some models have no volume controls and are difficult to use.


The high-fidelity 8-inch in-ceiling speakers do not just present every music lover with superb construction and craftsmanship, but also expand the listening environment without adding clutter into the home. The win-win speakers are also loved for their splendid audio quality. Therefore, if you are a home-audio enthusiast who desires high reliability speakers that neither complicates your home décor plans nor reduce your living room space, you should prioritize buying 8” in ceiling speakers.